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Clinical Services

Clinical services

Overall, the clinic offers 27 beds in the general ward and 12 beds in the intensive care unit.

We offer the following clinical services:

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Echocardiography Laboratory

Catherisation Laboratory

Electrophysiology Laboratory

Exercise Testing Laboratory

Out-patient clinics focused on:

Venous thromboembolic disease

Anticoagulation therapy

Coronary artery disease

Heart failure

Neuromuscular disorders



Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is a technologically advanced 12-bed unit with 8 monitored beds and 4 beds with telemetry monitoring. Yearly over 600 patients with acute conditions such as acute pulmonary embolism, arrhythmia, heart failure, or acute coronary syndrome are treated. The CICU offers 24-hour hemodynamic monitoring, as well as ventilator therapy, mechanical circulatory support (intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation), and renal replacement therapy.

Electrophysiology Laboratory

The Electrophysiology Laboratory offers the following services:

-        standard 24-hour and 48-hour EKG Holter monitoring

-       24-hour EKG Holter with QT interval monitoring

-       24-hour EKG Holter with heart rate variability and heart rate turbulence monitoring

-       extended 7-day EKG Holter monitoring

-        12-lead EKG Holter monitoring

-       24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

-       event-monitors

The team’s clinical interests center around cardiovascular complications of diabetes, systemic sclerosis, pulmonary hypertension, and obesity. Patients undergoing organ transplantation are also evaluated here. Annually, the electrophysiology team conducts post-graduate EKG courses for nurses and midwives.

Echocardiography Laboratory

The Echocardiography Laboratory holds the highest accreditation level (C) of Polish Cardiac Society. Yearly over 3.500 examinations are performed, including both two- and three-dimensional transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, as well as stress echocardiography using the Philips Healthcare IE 33, Epiq 7, Philips Healthcare CX 50, and Vivid Q GE Healthcare systems. The laboratory does comprehensive cardiac imaging for inpatients as well as outpatients.

The echocardiography team collaborates in clinical studies on pulmonary embolism, transapical off –pump mitral valve repair with Neochord system, obesity, systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus, and muscular dystrophy. In addition, the team conducts advanced post-graduate courses on echocardiography and co-chairs courses organized by the Polish School of Echocardiography.

Catherization Laboratory

The Catherization Laboratory, opened in 2012, provides a broad spectrum of diagnostic techniques and treatments using the Philips Healthcare Allura Xper Series FD20C system.

We offer state-of-the-art comprehensive management for patients with venous thromboembolic disease and pulmonary hypertension, including:

  • Right heart catherization

  • Pulmonary angiography

  • Rotational pulmonary angigraphy

  • Balloon pulmonary angioplasty performed with advanced modalities (IVUS, PPR, OCT)

  • Percutaneous pulmonary embolectomy with Angiojet system

  • Inferior vena cava filter implantation

Moreover, the cath lab performs:

  • elective and emergency coronary angiography and coronary angioplasty using FFR and IFR

  • rotablation of coronary arteries

  • OCT/FFR/IVUS of coronary arteries

  • percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale , ASD/VSD

  • diagnostics procedures for patients with heart defects

  • percutaneus renal artery angioplasty

Both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are largely performed using the transradial access technique.

Exercise Testing Laboratory

The Exercise Testing Laboratory performs over 800 tests a year, providing comprehensive testing for patients on the treadmill or stationary bicycle using the Cambridge Heart system and ergospirometry tests using the Geratherm system.